The Joe & Joe Show -- from 2016!

This show is weird, we know.

But that's how it goes when you try to recreate media from 80 years ago, using the technology and techniques of that time! It's long been popular to revisit and recreate things -- radio shows from the 1920's, sitcoms from the 1970's, music from the 1990's, videos from 2040's... Every decade has its defining media that appeals to people and captures their attention.

For us, it was the podcast craze of the 2010s. 2016 was arguably the golden year for podcast-based media, and we have decided to recreate the magic of that time. And we want to do it as authentically as possible. So we have spent a lot of time, effort and credits building an authentic recording environment to emulate all the ways Podcasts were made in 2016. We have also painstakingly researched the times, so that we can make shows that would have fit right in during that time.

We hope you love it!

Behind the mic:

Joe Rhodes

Joe Rhodes

Talking and editing

The brainchild. "What would happen if we recreated something from 2016 using the technology of the times?" he asked his friend Joe Peacock. It all just went from there.

Joe Peacock

Joe Peacock

Talking and annoying

The time transport layer used to inject net-code content into media in 2016 was programmed by Joe Peacock. Plus he's really annoying. It can be amusing sometimes.

Joe Blow

The Year 2016

Main Character

This is the year we are attempting to capture, via the dominant medium of the times (Podcasts) using the technology of the times ("Laptop" computers, microphones, telephones and other non-telephathic communication means).